Wasabi is a 1.5 year old Pit mix. He was recently returned due to having some separation anxiety in his kennel. This boy is a complete goofball and lovey dog to be around. He has a ton of energy, but just loves to run around and play with other dogs all day. He has not had any accidents in the house, has not chewed anything he shouldn’t have, loves kids and other dogs and has a smile that will melt your heart! He came to us in such a sad state, we were worried about how he would do. Then he came into his foster home and made friends with their pups and his foster family right away!

He is such a snuggly dude….he has no idea how stocky he is because he will nudge his way to being super duper close to whoever he is near. He will sleep on his dog bed next to the bed…but loves to sneak up on the bed early in the morning and cuddle. His foster sometimes thinks he has no idea he is a dog and thinks he is all person! Wasabi definitely has a ton of energy so will do best in an active house that will get him out to play often. Once he settles in though he likes to lounge in the down time and loves his dog bed! He truly loves to have toys around and one of the chew bones that is sturdy will take up a good amount of his time in a day.

As his former adopter mentioned, he does have a touch of separation anxiety. He has not had any issues in the crate yet, and his foster is training him by leaving him in little spurts at a time. He does great when left him with heavy duty kong toys filled with peanut butter or squeeze cheese. He has been great with his foster kid siblings and is so sad when they have to go to school or sports. He is very food motivated, but knows to sit and wait while his food is prepared. He also knows how to lay down on command! This guy will definitely be a great lifelong companion for the right family. He looks like a tough guy, but inside he is all heart. He is submissive with other dogs. He has never nipped or snapped at kids or other dogs. All he wants is love, love, love and we know the person is out there waiting to give him that for his life!

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