Wasabi is a 1.5 year old Pit mix. He was recently returned due to having some separation anxiety in his kennel. Wasabi is one of the most loving dogs we have ever known! He has this way of snuggling and wanting to be close to his people that is just so hilarious and adorable. Wasabi really loves to snuggle…full on, arms around his human while he sleeps snuggling! He really just has a heart that is way too big for him to even understand.

This big heart also has resulted in Wasabi having some anxiety about being left alone. His separation anxiety has hindered him in his past. He has been working with a trainer and with his vet to get him on track with his anxiety. He has started a medication to help his nerves during these alone times and just in general and it seems to be working well! His medication is around 6 dollars a month. He has already made tremendous progress being left alone in a heavy duty crate for gradually longer periods of time in his foster home. We highly recommend continuing the use of the heavy duty crate, which he has become fond of. This boy who hated crates initially, now goes in his crate ON HIS OWN with a toy or when he wants to nap or needs some alone time from our dogs. His foster leaves the door open during the day and he goes in there and rests/relaxes as his safe space. He has made strides, but needs a family with the patience and compassion to help him thrive in this area.

Wasabi is a smart boy and has learned several commands, including come here, leave it, sit, wait, and has excellent food manners. He sleeps on his bed at night and is really good about going to his bed when asked (until his foster falls asleep, then he loves to “sneak” up in and cuddle for the rest of the night). He is also fully potty trained, dog and kid friendly. We think he would also do amazing as an only dog because he loves attention. Wasabi LOVES walks and car rides. He is always down to go on an adventure with his family, or just ride along while you run errands.

He loves to come up to his human and plop down right on top of you like he is a tiny little lap dog. He has one of the most genuine, adorable doggy smiles EVER. You will just look over and notice he is smiling at something and it will, in turn, make you smile and laugh. His joy for life and love is so contagious! He is one of the bestest boys ever and we are confident in the right home he will make a lifelong, best friend for his future owner. Please give Wasabi a chance!

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