Oprah is a female pittie mix around 9 months old. She and her brother were found as strays. Oprah is a big girl who loves nothing more than being with her pack and playing. She is a little over 70 pounds, with room to grow.

Oprah loves, loves, loves her people. She likes to cuddle, snuggle, and give gentle kisses. Her sweet face is just so darn huggable. Oprah is dog and cat friendly! She gets along well with the 3 dogs and cat in the foster home. She comes off strong/intense at first because she’s just so excited. She also plays really hard. She likes to ‘talk’ very loudly with her dog friends. Some of her noises are too funny! Oprah is learning what boundaries are, so supervision is necessary with animals and children.

She is a big girl and definitely uses her size and weight to her advantage when she plays with other dogs. The phrase “Bull in a china cabinet” describes Oprah’s energy level. She is still a puppy who has lots of energy and wants to play all the time! She loves any toy she can get her mouth on. Chew toys and bones are a must for her! Oprah will need an active home that will take time to walk, run, bike ride, and play with her.

She loves her crate and goes in it very easily. She sleeps peacefully during the night in her crate. She is fully potty trained, walks very well on a leash, and knows basic commands. She even waits patiently for her food – what a lady. Oprah is a very good and sweet girl who is ready to love her forever people!

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