Nougat is a male pittie mix around 8 weeks old. Nougat is a such a joy to be around. His beautiful, kind eyes will melt your heart each time. He loves to eat and play with his 7 month old puppy foster sibling. He sleeps on his dog bed and his comfortable spots on the carpet during the day and then sleeps in his crate at night. He sleeps through the night now. He learned to doggy pad train fairly quickly! He loves to play with all of his toys. When he is not chewing on a toy or playing quietly with his foster brother, he will be at your feet sleeping or laying down quietly. He is very friendly with other people and will let anyone pet him. He is very well behaved around strangers, including other dogs. He will follow you to each room, as he hates to be left alone for a second, but quickly learns his boundaries in each room. He is a very fun and well behaved puppy who is rewarded with lots of love and treats!

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