Nonna is a 14 year old mixed pup. Nonna ended up at the Norman pound. Her chip registration was tracked back to Arizona in 2006, which makes her a minimum of 14 years old. Owners weren’t located through the chip and she had limited time at the shelter. This girl does not deserve to spend one more day in the shelter so we pulled her. We have no idea how she got to where she is. We have no idea what she’s suffered and been through. We have no idea who let her get this bad. We have no idea how she was failed this horribly. We wish we could have been there sooner for her, but what we do know is she will spend her remaining days with love and care. She is going to the vet tomorrow to see what measures we can do to help her. We don’t know how much longer she has, but we’ll do everything to show her how she always deserved to be loved.

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