Noelle is a female lab/dachshund mix. This sweet baby was neglected and abandoned. She was left at an emergency vet while in labor. She had a broken pelvis so was unable to push during labor, causing one baby to pass. Jaelyn is her single surviving puppy. This sweet girl has had a rough past but we are so ready to make her future bright and full of love!

Noelle is a super special girl, she has stolen the hearts of many! She is house trained, and will just lounge on the couch or in her bed while we are not home. She sleeps in her bed at night. She is doggie door trained and plays well with other dogs of all sizes. Due to her previous pelvic injury, she walks a little differently, which makes her perfect! She will play, but knows her limits. She can climb a fence, so she needs a yard with at least a 6 ft privacy fence! Noelle is the best girl and has so much love to give. She gets spurts of energy, but she is an overall calm girl that loves to sleep! She loves everyone, and everyone loves her! She is a one of a kind and is truly the best girl.

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