Mona is a terrier mix around 2 years old. She was surrendered to us by her owners. Mona is a complete sweetheart! We are still learning about her, but she is potty trained, and will go to the backdoor when she needs to go out. She prefers for someone to go out with her, but is learning to go out and do her business and come back in. She is a bit skittish of other dogs, but is learning to trust them and be friends. She would probably do best with either a mature dog or one that won’t be in her face and space a lot. She has not been around kids or cats, but we think she would do best with older kids. She loves to sleep with her person at night and likes to burrow under the covers; she will keep you warm! She does great in the house, and does good in a crate when we aren’t home. She is super laid back, and will find her spot on the couch and curl up for lots of naps. She deserves all the love and has so much love to give! She is such a good girl, and has the cutest personality! Mona is a super precious girl!

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