Lorax is a sweet rescue return, due to no fault of his own He has the sweetest demeanor. He is affectionate and playful. For only being 7 months old, we’re impressed with his maturity. You can tell he is a puppy when he’s outside playing — he loves to run and wrestle with his foster sibling, and he has a ton of stamina; but when he’s inside, he is really well behaved. Calm and cuddly! He doesn’t appear to be a barker. The same is true when we take him walking — he doesn’t bark at people passing or dogs who bark at him! He’s a great walking companion. He doesn’t pull on the leash, and he adjusts his speed to ours. He is house and crate trained. We’ve had no issues with accidents in the house. He will occasionally whine at night if he hears a noise — he just doesn’t want to miss out on anything — but overall, he does really well in the crate. We leave the door open during the day and he often goes in there to relax. He is truly a great dog!

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