Lola Bunny

Lola Bunny is a female heeler mix around 7 years old. She and her litter of pups were given up by their owner. Lola Bunny is just a super kind and loving little soul. She has learned so much in her short time with us. She absolutely loves the other dogs and the kids in her foster home. She will go lay down on her bed on command and sleeps through the night on her pet bed. It is believed she was a strictly outside dog before Puppy Haven, but despite that she has had zero accidents in the house.

She LOVES to chase after and catch tennis balls. She is extremely smart and eager to please. She has learned sit, shake and lay down since being with us. She has this cute quirky little “lean in” when she wants pet. She comes up to you, gives her paw and then just flops on you sideways. This girl loves to love!

She stays in her crate when her foster fam needs to go anywhere and has handled that fine as well. She is leash trained and does great on walks! She is going to make a family very happy. Although it might take her a moment to warm up to someone new since she is learning to trust humans, once she falls for you she is the most loving, sweet dog ever. She has not let her past affect her personality as she definitely has a ton of love she wants to give!

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