Lavender Honey

Lavender Honey is a female Aussie/Pyr mix. Her mama is Carmela. They were found under a shed as just little pups. Mama was doing her best take care of her litter! Happy would be the best word to describe this sweet girl because that is what she is all of the time! She has already discovered a love for tennis balls and will pick it up and carry it back to wherever she wants to lay and snuggle. She is very curious of fetch and is watching what the other dogs are doing before running and joining in on the fun. She is so smart and very motivated to please people. She loves being next to you and will follow you wherever you go. She is learning to potty outside and with frequent trips, especially after naps, is doing great! At night she is sleeping in a pen with her brother and sister. She sleeps great through the night and they always use a potty pad that is left out for them. She has been socialized with big and small dogs and does great with them. Lavender Honey’s dream home will be one that is full of equal parts, play time and snuggle time!

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