Kyra is a lab mix around 2 years old. She was pregnant and in very rough shape at the Norman pound. She was covered in fleas and ticks. We absolutely had to take her in and very shortly after had a litter of eleven pups, but unfortunately, only eight have survived. Mama Kyra was too weak to take care of her pups. Some of them got aspirating pneumonia from birth after inhaling fluid and were sent to foster homes. Our amazing fosters are doing everything possible to keep them strong and get them through it. It takes a special person to do breathing treatments, administer medicine, and give feedings every 2 hours. We are so thankful for them! Please keep these babies in your thoughts and prayers. Kyra was also sent to a foster home where she is been cared for! She is gaining weight and her skin is improving, but it will be a long road ahead for this girl! Read below about her progress in her foster home!

Kyra is the sweetest girl. She was terrified of everything when they first got her and would barely lift her head. A couple of days later, she was a different dog. She is still skittish but has come out of her shell somewhat. She acts like she might be a young dog because she wants to play. She is working on housebreaking. She can sit and we are working on stay. She needs someone patient who is willing to work with her and give her lots of love!

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