Katie is a precious 11 month old lab. Katie was adopted out early in 2020 and returned a few months ago. We haven’t introduced her until now because Katie was returned due to a medical issue that we wanted to first understand.

Katie accidentally ingested raisins in her last home and was not seen by the vet in an urgent manner. This resulted in Katie going into renal failure as just a puppy.

While Katie does have special needs because of this, the vet has given her an 8-10 year life span and her condition is very manageable. She needs to be on a strict diet to help her kidneys for the rest of her life, but she isn’t on any medication at this time. Katie does drink an excessive amount of water due to the condition, so she needs to go out to potty multiple times throughout the day, more so than a regular dog would. Katie does not have any leaking and while she can hold her bladder throughout the night, her ideal home would have someone that is home most of the day to let her out when needed.

Katie may need to go back on meds in the future as she gets older, but we don’t know that for sure. Due to her young age, a lot of factors are unknown. What is known is that Katie is more than worth it for the right family.

Katie is very special. Her entire body wiggles with joy every time you come home, or when she’s getting extra loving. She loves to play with other dogs, both big and small, and know to be gentle around the smaller ones. Katie is smart, and wants to please. She loves working on commands and goes straight to her crate for dinner waiting patiently. She will sleep in her crate but prefers to be close to her humans.

This sweetheart just wants to be loved, and will stop everything for some belly rubs. She loves everyone she meets and is excellent with kids but will also alert you when strangers ring the door. If you are looking for a pet who will love you unconditionally, and show it every single day, Katie is your girl!

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