Filbert is a Husky mixed with Redbone Coonhound. He is just about a year end. He is tall but slender and is around 65 pounds. He has the biggest heart. He wants to connect with people and be loved so badly that sometimes he over responds with exuberance.

His favorite games include racing around the yard, playing with a stuffed toy, playing fetch, and playing chase. He is not destructive in the house or yard. He is a very sweet natured boy and loves to say hello. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and likes to “check in” with his person. He loves to receive and give affection – He will even sit in your lap if you let him!

Filbert is housetrained and crate trained. He loves to go on walks, but pulls some when he gets excited. He is a very playful boy and would do best in an active home. He is very smart and picks up on training quickly, but still has some a need for further obedience training. Filbert has so much love to give and would be a wonderful companion in an active home!

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