Coop is a male pyrenees mix. He was a part of an accidental litter. When he first came to us, he was slow to warm up and a bit fearful. He is starting to warm up to his foster family now! He sleeps through the night and goes outside with the big dogs in the morning around 6am. He has no issues at all with any of the large dogs in his foster home and plays well with them. He knows his name and is very easily redirected. He is still fearful of sudden movements or yelling. He is a smart boy! Coop is not a cuddly puppy, but he does want his person in his sight while he plays. He loves to play fetch! He does great with baths. He LOVES to have his belly rubbed. With patience and love to win his trust, Coop will reward you with years of love, loyalty and companionship!

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