Cookie Crumble

Cookie Crumble is a female shepherd mix. Her mama was found dumped and gave birth to her litter shortly after coming to the rescue. Cookie Crumble is the picture perfect pup! Seriously, she’s the most photogenic little gal and loves posing for the camera! She’s such a sweet and loving puppy! She loves to be held! Her tail will wag non-stop! She is a playful and active pup. She loves a good chase, and toys are a must for this girl, as she adores any and all toys! She is working on potty training and crate training! She’s is both food and affection motivated, and a very quick learner. She already knows sit and is working on shake! She walks well on a leash, and has shown amazing recall, as she loves to be by you. While she is playful, she definitely knows when to rest, and has shown very mild behavior in house as well, laying next to you just to be with you. She’d be a great office buddy! She’s a super friendly gal, and loves to meet new dogs and people. She’s very great with young kids, and she actually gets offended when new people don’t come over to say hi to her! She’s such an absolute sweetheart, she’s gonna make such a great addition to any family!

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