Cinnamon Dolce

Cinnamon Dolce is a female shepherd mix. Her mama was found dumped and gave birth to her litter shortly after coming to the rescue. She is the most adventurous of her foster siblings. She will come right up and sit in your lap. She loves the big dogs and will nip at their ankles so they will play with me. She is almost 8 lbs at the moment. She gives the best kisses! She uses the puppy pads in her puppy pen. She is doing really well at night staying in thepen and snuggling with her siblings. We will work on the leash when it warms up some, but she is really smart so we think she will do well. She loves all of the chew toys and chasing the bouncy balls. She loves my human foster sister and brother. She chases them around! She is great in the car and loves people!

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