Jaelyn is a female lab/dauchshund mix. She is the sole survivor of Noelle‘s c-section. This beautiful little girl is the sweetest, snuggliest puppy that loves to be held! She plays well with other dogs and can hold her own. She’s learning to go potty outside, and has even learned the doggie door. So far she […]


Winfrey is a male pittie mix. He and his sister were found as strays! Winfrey is a little lover. If he isn’t snuggling with a person, then he can be found snuggled by the fire place. He is also doing well on his obedience. He walks well on a leash and is crate trained.


Oprah is a female pittie mix. She and her brother were found as strays. Oprah is a spunky and loving girl. She likes to play hard, but snuggle when she is tired. She has learned to sit and is doing well at waiting for her meal. She is leash trained and crate trained.


Blanca is a female pyrenees mix. She is sweet and spicy! She may be smaller than her brothers, but do NOT let that fool you! She loves to play tug and wrestle with her brothers. She really likes to sleep in her cozy bed, but likes to be out exploring if not sleeping. She does […]


Elbert is a male pyreness mix. He is extremely sweet and laid back. He is a healthy, growing boy! He loves to cuddle with his humans. He is food motivated and is getting very interested in testing the waters to see if the big dogs will play! He whines to go outside to potty when […]


Pike is a male pyrenees mix. He is so loyal! He will follow his foster mam all over the yard, even when he is tired. He plays great with his siblings, but loves to cuddle with his humans. He has beautiful blue eyes and a fun multicolored nose! He goes outside to potty very well, […]


Starlight is a female mixed pup. She rescued from TAW when she was just itty bitty. She loves to play with her foster brother! She can be stubborn, but is always loving and funny. She will play with anybody who will play with her. She loves to snuggle late at night and get lots of […]

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is a male lab mix. He and his siblings were rescued from the Cheautou pound. Kylo Ren is such a good boy! He is an easy going, independent guy with the best personality. He loves being with his people, but is also perfectly content entertaining himself playing with his toys. Kylo is a […]


Onix is a male pittie mix. His mama is Lucille. Sweet and cuddly as could be! Onix is more on the shy side and does tend to hang back a little in his bed when he sees you. He isn’t scared of the bigger dogs at all, and he loves playing with his sister! His […]


Eevee is a female pittie mix. Her mama is Lucille.