Benedict is a male Pittie mix. He and his siblings were born in rescue! He has been handled, loved on, and socialized since day one! Equal parts snuggling and playing are how Benedict loves to spend his days! He has the sweetest and most loving personality and is always so excited to see his foster fam. He has sit mastered before meal time and is quickly learning other commands like wait and stay. Benedict is so smart and really looks at his people for direction and praise. He is almost fully potty trained and lets himself in and out of a doggie door and uses a potty pad when left out inside. He sleeps through the night like a champ in his crate.

Benedict loves playing with the big dogs and is a very gentle puppy. After a good game of tug of war, Benedict’s favorite thing is to snuggle! Especially when you rub his ears, It’s like he knows you’re telling him he is a good boy and he just melts into your arms. Benedict will be your best friend for life!

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