Argentina is a female lab mix around 9 weeks old. Her mama is Taya! She is a little pup full of spunk. She doesn’t want to miss a thing. She’s tan with a black snout and a little spot of white on her chin which makes her look like she licked the frosting off her adoption cake. She is often following around the adult dogs in her foster home, figuring out their routine and household rules. She loves to play with other dogs but respects their space. She’s very good at letting her human know she needs something, whether it’s to be let outside, if she’s hungry (she knows where you keep the food), or if she accidentally knocked her water bowl over and she’s soaking wet. She is smart and is watching. She’ll do really well with training with incentive. She sleeps throughout the night in a pen. She’s doing well with potty training with consistency of taking her out whenever she finishes a meal, after playing or wakes up from a nap. Argentina is affectionate, confident, and eager to please!

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